Benjamin Wilkins

Lecturer, Creative Writing


Benjamin WilkinsBen Wilkins received his BA in history from the University of Virginia, and his MFA in creative writing from George Mason University.  While a student at George Mason, he taught composition, literature, and creative writing, and has taught creative writing for elementary age children through a program called Take My Word For It!  Though he has a wide range of interests, he is a teacher more than a scholar at heart, and loves nothing quite so much as a lively discussion.

Ben writes literary essays, fiction, comics, and boldly attempts (but mostly fails) to write poetry.  He is currently working on a graphic novel, a fantasy novel for young adults, and an ongoing webcomic –  His work has been featured in the literary journal Phoebe and will be forthcoming in the magazine Palooka.  In the Fall of 2012, he participated in a panel on non-traditional publishing at the Fall for the Book literary festival.

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