Elementary Latin I – Encourse

Elementary Latin I

Taught by Professor Philip Walsh

‘Elementary Latin I’ is an intensive course designed to introduce you to the basic elements of the Latin language. It will emphasize the fundamentals of grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension – in other words, all of the tools necessary to develop a sound reading proficiency in Latin.


This Encourse offering was prepared in the Summer 2012 semester and features Dr. Philip Walsh as recorded course lecturer and Dr. Carol Leibiger as live course preceptor.

Week One (January 14-18):

  • Intrōductiō and Wheelock Caput* I
  • Wheelock Caput II

Week Two (January 21-25):

  • Wheelock Caput III
  • Wheelock Caput IV

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Week Three (January 28-February 1):

  • Wheelock Caput V
  • Wheelock Caput VI

Quiz #2

Week Four (February 4-8):

  • Wheelock Caput VII
  • Wheelock Caput VIII

Quiz #3

Week Five (February 11-15):

  • Wheelock Caput IX
  • Wheelock Caput X

Quiz #4

Week Six (February 18-22):

  • Wheelock Caput XI
  • Review, Capita I-XI


Week Seven (February 25-March 1)

  • Wheelock Caput XII
  • Wheelock Caput XIII

Quiz #5

Week Eight (March 4-8):

  • Wheelock Caput XIV
  • Wheelock Caput XV

Quiz #6

Week Nine (March 11-15):

  • Wheelock Caput XVI
  • Wheelock Caput XVII

Quiz #7

Week Ten (March 18-22):

  • Wheelock Caput XVIII
  • Wheelock Caput XIX

Quiz #8

Week Eleven (March 25-29):

  • Wheelock Caput XX
  • Wheelock Caput XXI

Week Twelve (April 1-5):

  • Review, Wheelock Capita XII-XXI


*caput is Latin for chapter

Required Texts

  1. Wheelock’s Latin, 7th edition – F.M. Wheelock
  2. English Grammar for Students of Latin, 3rd edition – N.W. Goldman

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