Our Courses

Classes at Signum University are three credits courses and meet for three instructional hours every week. In addition to a weekly Primary Lecture (90 minutes) with the instructor and guest lecturers, students will be assigned a rigorous weekly reading list. For M.A. students, Signum classes will also require participating in Discussion Sessions (60 minutes) and writing essays (20 pages or 8,000 – 10,000 words each semester) or other in-depth academic projects. Each week will conclude with a Closing Session (60-90 minutes) led by the instructor that covers questions submitted by M.A. students in Discussion Session and all students through collaborative course tools during the week. Many courses will also require a final exam.

In addition to courses, Signum University will soon be launching other avenues for engaging with the academic community:

Writers’ Community

Signum is working with its community of student writers to develop an innovative new space for connecting aspiring authors online.  These connections will help form the basis of global workshop groups that will lead to stronger works for all involved.

Signum Lecture Series

Periodically, Signum will host extra talks given by visiting scholars. These talks will be broadcast live through our usual lecture hall, and recordings of them will be maintained in the lecture archives.

Find out more information about our current courses, offered through Signum University, Mythgard Institute and Signum Academy.