Our Staff

Dr. Corey OlsenCorey Olsen – President

Email: olsen@signumuniversity.org

On his teaching website, The Tolkien Professor, Professor Olsen brings his scholarship on Tolkien to the public, seeking to engage a wide and diverse audience in serious intellectual and literary conversation. His website features recordings of a detailed lecture series on The Hobbit, the Silmarillion Seminar, a weekly discussion group over Tolkien’s Silmarillion, as well as more informal Q&A sessions with listeners. His book, entitled Exploring J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, was published by Houghton Mifflin in September 2012.

Corey Olsen taught in the English Department  at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, where he began teaching in the Fall of 2004. His undergraduate and graduate teaching subjects included J.R.R. Tolkien, Arthurian literature, Chaucer, and Sir Thomas Malory. He received his BA in English and Astrophysics from Williams College in Massachusetts and his PhD in medieval literature from Columbia University. At Washington College, Professor Olsen had served as the Faculty Coordinator of Academic Integrity, the Faculty Advisor for Sigma Tau Delta, the English honor society, and Master of the Revels at Washington College’s hotly contested annual Wheelbarrow Jousting Tournament.


Teaching Division

Headed by Signum University President Corey Olsen, the Teaching Division consists of our teaching faculty, including lecturers and preceptors, as well as support staff for the Signum Learning Center and the Language and Literature Department. The Library Team is also part of the Teaching Divison.


Stewardship Division

Led by Provost Malcolm Harden, the Stewardship Division includes our Digital Campus and Media teams, as well as the Registrar’s office for the university. The Stewardship Division also includes the support teams that help keeps things running smoothly.


Outreach Division

Led by Trish Lambert, the goals of the Outreach Division are to create engaging experiences with prospective students and to provide a rich environment of interaction for current students. The team uses social networking, student forums, showcases, and newsletters, and website content development to achieve these goals.


Institutional Planning Team

The Institutional Planning Team, led by Jenn Raimundo, oversees the future plans and projects of Signum University.